Dr. Easy
Dr. Easy The members of Dr. Easy came to be by a series of unparalleled events in which the Universe magically brought these four unique, talented individuals together. Their intention: to provide the grooviest music this side of the late '60's. With all members coming from different backgrounds and experiences, the combination proved to be astronomical. With the advanced knowledge given to them from their respective University PhD's their bring to you a medication that is both addictive and safe. From the floor shaking bass lines provided by P. Doyle to the funky tickling of the ivories by Brad Mosier. Not to forget the thunderous beats from Ruggelo and soulful vocals/guitar melodies of Andy Mirabile. With their eclectic style of music and artists which they are influenced by, going to a Dr easy show is likely to be a blast for any fan of music. For contact or booking information please e-mail: dreasyjams@gmail.com

Sean Doyle - Bass, Vocals
Brad Mosier - Keyboards
Andy Mirabile - Guitar, Vocals
Steve Ruggelo - Drums