Peter Goetz
Peter Goetz “I am constantly wrestling with the times and how we can all affect positive change.”

Peter Goetz’s sound is stripped down and soulful. His passionate heartfelt delivery welcomes the audience into his world, his perspective, and his struggle to make sense of it all. Goetz’s style vacillates between acoustic rock and world soul. His self released EP, “Outside Observer” is a five-song medley which demonstrates his versatility as a singer/songwriter. “I Got Love” is a bright, light-hearted melody that captures optimism in the face of defeat. While “Mid American Tragedy” is a social parody knocking egocentric, intolerant, closed-minded Americans.

Goetz produced and directed three music videos for three tracks from his self released EP. I Got Love and Chasing Green were shot in a week traveling from Venice, California to Manhattan, New York; while Outside Observer was shot on location in Barcelona, Spain. His spontaneity is characterized by the on-the-fly nature of the videos, using everyday people to tell his story. Recently during a journey to Kenya and Rwanda on a humanitarian mission with, Goetz recorded an African version of I Got Love with Che Che, an a cappella group based out of Nairobi.

This fall, Goetz finished his second EP, “Indian Summer”. He is currently down in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil shooting a new music video and producing his latest musical fusion. Collaborating with bassist/producer Artur Maia, the two are working to create a unique mix of style, sound and language; surf rock with a samba reggae twist.

Goetz is honored to work alongside Maia, who has produced and played with Gilberto Gil for the past 15 years. Gil is a two-time Grammy winner and Brazil’s current Minister of Culture. The adventure continues…

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