The Shwilbillies
The Shwilbillies The Shwilbillies are a Denver/Boulder-based progressive acoustic band. Along with their own unique and colorful songs - they also put their twist on music from various genres whether it's bluegrass, jam, rock, or even reggae. You might call it "Citygrass". It was at a music festival the boys met spontaneously and things just "clicked". Over a short year they've been gaining rapid momentum in the Colorado music scene. Their sound derives from each band member's different musical inspiration and background.

They have shared the stage with the likes of Great American Taxi, Jeff Austin, Mountain Standard Time, Nick Forester, Eric Thorin, Oakhurst, Shakedown Street, and more. The band uses strong vocals and picking from Mike Kayne (guitar), Chris Spurlock (mandolin), Jeff Montoya (bass) and Dan Wessel (banjo). The band is is quickly lighting up bars and venues in Colorado with their high-energy and versatile tunes.