Full Atoms
Full Atoms Long before ipods, cd players, or even the phonograph, there was the Atomizer. An advanced robot borne of an alien exploration project, the Atomizer was sent into deep space to collect information about new worlds and cultures with the mission to bring back its finding to the now forgotten alien race that sent it. A peaceful machine, the Atomizer had learned a great many things about a great many worlds. It delved deeper and deeper into the cosmos until something happened that changed the fate of the universe itself.

The Atomizer had passed too close to a black hole. Lacking the power to escape the forces of gravity, the Atomizer was pulled into the void and the story should have ended there. But it didn't. For reasons best left for scientists millennia from now or perhaps even the philosophers, the Atomizer was not destroyed. Oh sure, the Atomizer as it was was destroyed. But something sent it back, changed. It looked the same. But it had a sort of sentient quality about it. No longer was the Atomizer a passive observer. The mission was altered. It moved with sinister purpose.

Garbled transmissions from a nearby galaxy tell of untold destruction in the wake of the Atomizer Reborn. At first it seemed the Atomizer had news from heavens to confer to the peoples it came in contact with. But this news quickly became a prologue to, in the Atomizer's words, "the harvesting of souls for the end of days." With rays of hyper excited particles, the Atomizer vaporized entire populations with beams emitting from its antennae. The weapons of the most advanced beings proved useless against the machine. Distress calls continue to pour in from worlds previously unknown and thanks to the Atomizer, will remain so. And so it was, until the tri-force known simply as MHE felt the presence of the Atomizer, sentinel of carnage.

10,000 years or so ago, longer in some stories, an entity was sent to this dimension. In the beginning, it was like a child, unknowing, unlearned. But it grew and took shape. It remembered its name: MHE. MHE grew so wise that it divided itself into separate beings. Traversing space, it sensed a phenomena unfelt anywhere else. This moment is often called "The First Sound."

And so it came to be that MHE settled upon Earth with their histories intertwined. So as not to raise suspicions, they took the form of humans, growing old and passing only to come back, reborn but always knowing. While MHE had been honing "The Sound" into music, be it in the tribal gatherings of the prehistoric neanderthal, the musings of medieval man, through the years to birth of rock itself. It was about that time that the metallic menace known as The Atomizer came to Earth.