The Holler!
The Holler! The Holler! is based in Fort Collins, Colorado, specializing in their own brand of Grassy Folkedelic Rock'n'Roll. Core instrumentation includes mandolin, guitar, bass, and drums. All members are contributing vocalists and songwriters, dynamically possessing acoustic and electric genre-bending capabilities. The Holler!'s repertoire artistically celebrates their reverence for nature, the exploration of human consciousness, and their passion for festive community gatherings. They have a charismatic ability to connect with a diverse demographic of exciting freaky people, shaking up dancefloors, elevating love frequencies, and having lots of fun along the way!

In addition to original music, The Holler! puts their twist on songs by artists such as The Grateful Dead, Ween, Led Zeppelin, Roger McGuinn, Taj Mahal, Bob Dylan, and Darrell Scott.