Miles Nielsen
Miles Nielsen As Rockford, IL born singer-songwriter Miles Nielsen explains, "Most of my childhood was spent on a tour bus traveling across the country with Cheap Trickā€¦" where the idea that songwriting is "a way for me to meld the world of dreams and real life together." This auspicious upbringing granted Miles a unique musical opportunity. A colorful childhood education, a family and band driven tutelage that helped him develop solid songwriting skills and a knack for stagecraft that is truly engaging. With a father like Power-Pop mastermind Rick Nielsen at the helm of his music education, and strong musical DNA running through his blood, Miles is poised to carry a deep Nielsen tradition well into the 21st century. A challenge that Miles has graciously embraced and a challenge that he is meeting through his moving live performances, his spirited collaborative activities, his astute production work, and his musically rich debut solo album. Released in 2009 Nielsen's self-titled release "Miles" is an album full of blooming melodies, hip-shaking rhythms, and moving stories. A rich and layered recording that seamlessly blends Alternative Country, Blue-Eyed Soul, Folk, Pop, Rock, and Tin Pan Alley song-craft into a unique musical brew Miles calls "Beatle-esque Cosmic Americana". So, with an open hand and a rusted heart Miles invites you in to listen to his dreams of real life.

Photo credit: Tony Krup