Maiden Lane
Maiden Lane The musical collaboration of the son of Phil Lesh, bass player for the Grateful Dead, and the former lead singer of country group “The Jenkins” (Capitol Records, Nashville) may seem an unlikely pairing, but for Grahame Lesh and Brodie Jenkins, influences run deep. Both Bay Area natives with a passion for Americana and classic rock, the two met at Stanford University in the fall of 2006 and instantly hit it off. Lesh had already put together the rest of the band, with Mac Parish on the bass, Jesse Engreitz on the keys, and Eric Saar on the drums. The last necessary step was finding a lead singer. “Stanford isn’t exactly a rock and roll campus…lots of geeks and very few non-classical musicians,” Jenkins explains. “So meeting [the members of Maiden Lane] and being able to make music at school was unbelievably exciting.”

Maiden Lane became the signature band on campus, playing a circuit of parties and events. “Half of the time, we were playing 80’s and classic rock covers to please the drunken crowds…just to get our name out there and have a good time,” explains Engreitz. “The rest of the time, we were writing songs and developing as a band.”

Now based in San Francisco, CA, Maiden Lane has played venues all over the Bay Area, including Slims, the Independent, Grant & Green pub, and, most notably, the Fox Theater in Oakland. The band continues to write and record, with a slew of new songs in the works. They released their debut album “Fences” (under their former name, Vice) in May of 2009. Maiden Lane’s newest eponymous EP, mixed by Nashville engineer and musician Dan Agee is currently available for purchase and listening.