Soul Taxi
Soul Taxi Soul Taxi is a blend of Funk, Rock and Reggae with tinges of Latin Jazz

Soul Taxi Bio - Soul Taxi was created in 2010 as an alternate outlet for Singer/Songwriter Jeff White. Jeff has toured with " The Burnin Smyrnans" since its inception in 2002. In the beginning White was fronting the band on vocals and Acoustic Guitar . In 2003 White switched to Bass Guitar and kept his roll on lead vocals to keep the band touring. In 2004 Jeff Supported the Wailers as a Solo Acoustic Act. Two years later he flew back to Vermont with saxophonist Eric Christian to support the Wailers once again. Together their duo has performed over 200 shows since that magical moment they played to a sold out crowd in Killington, VT. In 2009 Jeff jammed in a couple of reggae nights in Orlando and reconnected with longtime friend and former Band mate Robby Lapp. Jeff and Robby played together in 2000 as Hip Hop/Reggae Outfit " Offset". Later in 2009, Drummer Jeff Carruth flew home for Christmas, chemistry was felt instantly during a jam session and Carruth never caught his return flight back to Los Angeles.

Soul Taxi - Jeff White - Guitar, Bass & Vocals

Robert Lapp - Bass & Guitar

Eric Christian - Saxophone, Flute & Vocals

Jeff Carruth - Drums