The Big Motif
The Big Motif The Big Motif is a young band with a surprising amount of experience under their belts. The group ranges from 18-20 years of age, yet founding members Tony Pacello, Hunter Roberts and Jeff Jani have been playing together for 5 years. Originally called The Runnin' Wild Band, these guys hooked up by winning a Fox Radio / Lewis and Floorwax on-air competition for the best young musicians in Colorado. During the RWB 5 year run, they got the chance to play hundreds of shows inside and outside of Colorado, including sharing the stage with CCR, Joe Bonamassa, and Johnny Winter.

In September 2009 after contemplating a name change, the band came up with The Big Motif and added a permanent sax/flute/multi-instrumentalist by the name of Sam Crowe to the lineup. The band then enlisted Colorado guitar-man and respected producer Dave Beegle to help them with a professional recorded EP, and 6 months later, the self-titled debut recording is released.

The CD features a blend of styles including blues, jazz, funk, reggae and psychedelic rock. The band stays true to their roots when combining influences and at the same time create some catchy, melodic and memorable songs. Radio edits of The Daily Motion, Colors and Bad Cat will be available to radio programmers, press, social media, and fans alike.

The band plans on keeping a very busy live schedule for the remainder of 2010 and is working hard on new material in hopes of getting back in the studio within the next 6 months to start work on a followup to their debut.

Management/Booking - Craig Roberts - 303/547-8803
Management/Promotion - Morris Beegle - 970/581-5049