The Synth Sircus
The Synth Sircus The SYNTH SIRCUS is a new Philadelphia-based synth collective with a rotating lineup of synth/keyboard players as well as other musicians (electronic or other). Founded by John Briley of Agent Moosehead and Andy (of the Future) Schwartz of Chrome Tongues & Step Brothers the Synth Sircus is inspired by the music of Kraftwerk and features a rotating lineup of musicians from one show to the next. Not unlike VOLTRON, each member comes from a different band and/or corner of the city, and when summoned, fuses together to create a type of 'super-hybrid.'

Check the "members" section for a growing list of performers (past & present) and watch out for different players and instrumentation from one show to the next - all culminating in a bouquet of improvisational textures and layers never duplicated twice.