Benighten Empire
Benighten Empire Benighten Empire was created by the cosmic collision of Blackmetal and norse mythology, awakened by singer/ guitarest Lucian (Sean Kratz) early 2008. Lucian sang in a band named Eviscerated (Cleveland) from early 2007 to 2009 when they went on hiatus. Lucian recorded a 12 song ep called " Within the Depths of Yggdrasil" early 2008 with help of his friend Jon Dickson using Pro Tools and electronic equipment, and pressed the album mid 2009. Lucian and Lord Sepull (Nathan Karns), who was drummer of Eviscerated (Cleveland) decided to start mass writing mid 2009 , and awaken from the depths their band Benighten Empire. Benighten Empire is a band with lyrics of war and norse mythology, epic to destroying guitar parts, snarls of the depths of war, and blasting to epic drum signatures.

Aug 14th 2010 - Release of " AWAKENING OF THE OLD GODS" EP

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