Amanda Jo Williams
Amanda Jo Williams Amanda Jo Williams was born a little white girl in Georgia, with a brother and a sister. She had the best step daddy in the world. He came to all her sports games. She had an evil stepmother and an evil stepsister. She quit college very abruptly and moved to New York at 19 after attending a modeling convention in Columbus, Georgia.

It was a rip-off but Amanda met an agent. He said, "Come to New York." After a year on the runway, some lovers and things, Amanda and friends took a bus to Kingston and hitchhiked with a woman to Woodstock. They slept in the woods the first night and Amanda was scared. The Catskill woods are spooky. In town the next day, they met Adam With The Feathers, the crazy shaman of Woodstock. He was in the Gulf War. Adam took her to artist Paul MacMahon's house, the hippie hangout. Paul would teach her to play guitar when she was pregnant with his twins, Ginger & Hominy. Yes I Will, Mr Man traces Amanda's life from her time in Woodstock, cross-country travels, up until meeting and marrying Matthew O'Neill in 2005.

Williams was about to enter nursing school when she came to Los Angeles in August 2008 to play Manimal Vinyl's Spaceland residency and something else. While in L.A., she felt a calling, "Live In Me." Williams returned East for her baby, Jack, her dog, Dakota, and her hubby, and moved to L.A. by that Christmas. She's been here since, writing freak folk songs, a little bit of country rap, and exploring the wonders of video art. She lives on a Topanga hillside, much like a gypsy.