The Well
The Well Springing from the fertile earth of Central California's San Joaquin Valley is THE WELL! The depth of sounds and musical styles spilling forth from this band is bound to sweep listeners away in a wash of originality. The players pool a wide array of musical experience: classical, classic rock, early blues, soul, reggae, ska, funk, psychedelic, jazz, jam... together they embrace all, creating an endless source or "well" of musical ideas while also drawing from a long list of influences… The Grateful Dead, Gov't Mule, Bob Marley and many more. This is where the group finds its own original sound while occasionally sipping from an eclectic pool of covers developed from a dozen years of playing clubs, concerts, festivals & benefits. The motivation behind the music is the people who dance wildly, or with gentle abandon. There is an energy exchange between band and audience that takes the music to a higher level. Jim Chlebda of South Valley Arts magazine says the band plays "exceedingly tasty original material that's bound to get you hoppin'." The band has received radio airplay and has been featured on Los Angeles weekly radio show "The Music Never Stopped". Players include Paul Broussard on guitar & vocals; Dave Huckabay on bass & vocals; Joey Arriola on drums & vocals and Bill Bilhou on pianos, organs, synthesizers & vocals. They are ready, as one writer says, to "spring forth" on the world, "One never knows what one will find when drawing from THE WELL."