Gleasons Drift
Gleasons Drift On top of the mountain. Just below ski run where the water bubbles out. There, you can pull over and have a cold drink. This is Gleasons Drift.

Four guys who have been around. The Woodsmen, The Dry Spells, Between Floors. All part of the pedigree. Fenders, Gibsons, Marshalls and Martins, Zildjians, Radio Kings and hickory sticks. Six packs and smokes. All buzz, burn, whine, thump and pop. Songs about living, working, drinking and loving. Right or wrong, good or bad, better fast than sorry. Sometimes sounds like Creedence or Hank. Sometimes the Stones, Chuck Berry, or VU. Maybe The Replacements or Meat Puppets. Righteous Rock and Roll.

The lineup is solid. Bill’s twang, Tom’s thunder, JP’s snarl, and Tim’s bang. Twisted, hard, spontaneous and loose. Genuine. This is the real deal. The good stuff. Melodies stick, guitar solos sting, the bass holds fast and the drums shake. This is Gleasons Drift.

On the heels of their successful debut Beaver, 2006’s live DvD Gleasons Drift and Friends , 2007 found the boys releasing their sophomore effort “Nickel Rocket. Nickel Rocket continued with the sound that has defined Gleasons Drift since their inception in 2002: loose, lean, spontaneous and genuine. Recorded at Saturation Acres in Danville, Pa by Bret Alexander and Paul Smith (badlees, Breaking Benjamin) Nickel Rocket captures the sound that the band has honed live on the road for the past 8 years; tight changes, smart melodies, lyrics that tell the story of the human condition and a vintage sound that equally references Chuck Berry, Hank Williams, the Replacements, and the Meat Puppets while still extending the tradition of real American Rock and Roll. An original and welcomed release from a group of post-punk x-men more intent on integrity and song-craft than commercial flair.

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