Flow Trio
Flow Trio Flowtrio is a band that believes music shouldn't have to fall neatly into a genre. Setting out to create a sound that is true to that notion, Flowtrio, which includes Evan Kiehl (guitar & effects), Phil Morris (keyboard & effects), and Ian Poor (producer, drummer, bass & synth), draw from a wide array of influences, including and not limited to funk, electronica, metal, hip-hop, classical and jazz. "We basically wanted to take our favorite aspects of all the different music we listen to and combine them into our own style of danceable music." says Poor. Being an instrumental band only, Flowtrio layers cinematic soundscapes, big bass, funky drum lines, and danceable melodies to keep the crowd moving. Having only been playing music for 3 years Flowtrio have grown into a sound that is cohesive, constantly evolving and beyond their years.

Flowtrio moves from idea to idea on stage with a unity that can't be forced. It is the result of learning to play music together. All the members started playing music with each other a year after graduating Bowling Green High School in 2005. With no formal musical experience they learned to play as a group, instead of as three individual musicians. This allows the members to move as a cohesive unit on stage. They have spent the last 3 years honing their skills on their instruments as well as in the studio. The members of the band do everything in house, from recording to mixing and mastering.

"With the use of today's music production and performance technologies, we are able to bring our full studio sound to our live shows, which allows us to create a sound that is bigger than just the three of us, without our instruments taking the backburner." says Morris. "We want to do something totally different than people are used to hearing, and make you move while doing it." says Kiehl. And their live show is sure to do just that, combining their production heavy studio vibe with the high energy of a live rock show. "We like to think of ourselves as "live-instrument-DJ's", remixing and improvising our studio songs in the live environment. Allowing us to give the audience a totally unique show experience every time."