MFA Motion For Alliance (MFA) was formed in 2001. A quartet of electronic artists, musicians, and producers, MFA soon became known for their improvisational electronic journeys through drum and bass, downtempo, mid-tempo, and beyond.

The band toured relentlessly for a few years, playing from San Diego to Portland, Maine, and everywhere in between, sharing the stage with hundreds of wonderful musicians and artists, including musical heroes LTJ Bukem and MC Conrad.

Now, MFA has evolved yet again. More than just a band, MFA has developed into a unified organization whose message serves as the foundation for several musical entities, all involving members of the original MFA band, and all still under the MFA moniker. The musical message is simple: positive energy is created through truthful expression, and is absorbed universally and eternally. The music is intended to inspire listeners to dance, think, create, and evolve in a positive way. It is no coincidence that the Renaissance and the Age of Enlightenment were linked; art inspires positive evolution, and vice-versa, and our alliance is our contribution.

Fusing modern technology with exquisite musicianship, MFA music vibrates the Soul with Love and Positivity. We have worked hard to share this idea with as many people around the country and world as possible, either in person at the live performances or through other forms of communication like the Web. You are just as much a part of that alliance as we are, and we hope that you welcome it and take from it the inspiration to creatively and positively contribute to the evolution of your existence. Doing that will undoubtedly motivate those around you to do the same.

As MFA, we are honored to share our art and our lives with you.