Alder Street
Alder Street Based out of the Campbell Club Student Cooperative, in Eugene Oregon, Alder Street came together in late 2006 to play a fund raiser aimed at helping a member of their community facing deportation. Received well by the audience and having a good time playing together, the band kept it up. Radical politics, outlaw culture, and a passion for life are at the core of their work. Alder Street have been noted for their unique brand of honky tonk music which draws on a wide range of influences stemming from the diversity of the members backgrounds.

Their first CD, Beer Made, was released late in February 2008 and copies have been flying ever since. Production struggles to keep up with demand as orders pour in locally and from New Orleans, San Francisco, Chicago, even France, prompting rumors of a Alder Street tour in 2010 to give audiences around the world a chance to hear the sound that's rocking Eugene's bars and dancefloors: The Alder Street All Stars. They have also released at their shows a couple live recordings and will soon be putting them up on