Josh Fulero
Josh Fulero Josh Fulero was born in December of 1973. Shortly thereafter, he began to make music on anything he could find, finally settling on the guitar around age 13. After growing up playing folk music, like any good child of hippy parents, he discovered blues as a sophomore in college where after he promptly dropped out to pursue an embarrassingly lucrative career playing in dirty bars. 8 years later, shocked by his abject poverty, Josh returned to college to finish a degree in psychology with grad work in criminology, philosophy, and decision science. Upon graduation, the prospect of a real job scared Josh straight and within weeks, he was back in filthy bars playing guitar. Currently he works with Curtis Salgado and John Nemeth in the USA and Boyd Small in Europe (when opportunity affords). Josh's current goals include a solo record and work on his side project "The Wastrels".