Clay Hawkins
Clay Hawkins Blending rapid-fire finger style guitar and honest, heartfelt songwriting, Clay Hawkins creates his own unique brand of acoustic rock. Influences like Neil Young, Bob Dylan, John Fahey, Nick Cave and even Radiohead melt together behind his well worn yet lush vocal style. The music unfolds naturally, taking the listener on a ride that is both familiar yet entirely original.

As far as his "story" goes, well, that begins in Phoenix, AZ...

Born into a household of professional rodeo cowboys it wasn't immediately obvious that music would be the chosen path. But the nights spent on the road, listening to country music, (when it was still good) on the way to the next town did make their impression and since carrying a guitar around is a heck of a lot easier than feeding horses, well, maybe there was something floating in the dust all along.

Fast forward to the discovery of the electric guitar, classic rock and the life sustaining qualities of top roman noodles, alcohol and credit cards and it was all uphill from there. Eventually all roads led out oftown and Clay continued refining and supporting his new found songwriting habit up and down both coasts, across Europe, in and out of clubs, cafes, street corners, bars, barns, and back alleys to finally land in San Francisco. Having long traded the amps for an acoustic his music finally began to evolve into what it has now become, a great soundtrack for driving late at night on a highway towards the next destination.

This is how he spends his time now, playing music and taking it one mile marker at a time. He still doesn't own a horse though.