KomaH KomaH was formed during the Summer of 2007 in southern Belgium.

In less than a year, KomaH has become one of the most exciting live metal bands in Belgium , building themselves a strong reputation in the metal scene , and wrote enough material to release with our label Spinal Records a full-length album (out october 5th 2009 on the label Bang! Music).

They also became endorsed by Paiste, Pro-Mark, Aquarian, Fryette (VHT), EMG and Gibson .

All the excitement around this band is clear when you consider that KomaH is the result of a meeting between former Do Or Die composer and arranger Luigi Chiarelli, former Do Or Die bassist Fred Rochefort, live session guitarist for big french pop artists ans sound engineer, Antoine Goudeseune, young but soon-to-be big in the drumworld Jonas Sanders and singer and sound engineer Math Demit, five guys living on music full-time : two sound engineers, one Computer graphics designer, two music teachers.. Five guys ready to leave on tour without question….. not enough ? want more ?? …

Together with KomaH or with past and present projects, these guys have toured with Caliban, Slipknot, Biohazard, Pro Pain, Napalm Death, Hatebreed, Eths, Job for a Cowboy, Madball, Diecast, Deviate, Black Dahlia Murder, Aqme, Headcharger, Maroon, Ektomorf, Stuck Mojo & many more ….

KomaH is mixing a modern, big sounding metal style (infl. Caliban, Diecast, Avenged Sevenfold) with some hardcore influences, a little bit of Stoner mood and all-time metal classics like Machine head and Pantera .

Live, KomaH is all about the energy, stunning and strong . « War on stage , and war in the pit », a peaceful war where everyone lets their energy and the music drive them, which creates a special connection between the audience and the band.