Grand Atlantic
Grand Atlantic Grand Atlantic are an alternative rock band from Brisbane, Australia. They blast out a stunning mixture of melodic, hard-hitting rock, often compared to Oasis and Jet but recalling the powerpop sensibilities of Redd Kross or Teenage Fanclub. This band is all about immediate hooks, modern production and a swaggering rhythm section. Their new album, titled 'How We Survive' was released in July 2009 by Laughing Outlaw Records in Australia. Tracks from 'How We Survive' have been featured on blogs and internet radio stations everywhere from Belgium to Russia, and the album enjoyed extensive airplay on Australian radio, ending up on a number of the year's "best-of" lists…

The band's sound relies on equally on crunchy riffs and chiming, Byrds-esque guitars, welded seamlessly to robust pop songs with instantly-memorable choruses. Lyrically, the new album attempts to reconcile lead singer Phil Usher's feelings on mortality and loss, as well as the challenges of living in this modern world. If that all sounds too serious, don't be put off – these songs are testament to the resilience of the human spirit, and Usher delivers an uplifting set of pop gems that can stand proudly beside the best in the genre. Put simply, this is thrilling modern rock, performed to perfection and tailor-made for the revivalist and the seekers of the new alike.

Grand Atlantic is currently on an East Coast Australian tour through January/February, which will be followed by a US and Canada tour in March (including SXSW & Canadian Music Week). Further international tours are planned for later in 2010. That's a good indication of the reputation of the band and the immediacy of their music. Here's what the reviews have to say:

"…the power-pop treat that is How We Survive, (is) bristling with muscular but always melodic tunes…the towering Coast Is Clear gives Oasis a run for their money as a big-guitar rock song…Grand Atlantic's latest album delivers." (Courier Mail, AUS)

"…Grand Atlantic have produced one of my favorite albums of year…Grand Atlantic molds the psychedelic post-punk ethereal moods of their countrymen, The Church, with the shoegazing swirling madbeat of The Stone Roses, and toss in a touch of garage crunch a la Ripple favorites The Thieves just for kicks. The results of this combination of psychedelic distillery are intoxicating…"(The Ripple Effect, USA)

"…Grand Atlantic…has recently released an excellent follow-up entitled How We Survive. … most of the songs recall the time when bands like Teenage Fanclub, the Posies, Redd Kross and Velvet Crush made power pop with enough sonic muscle to rival the grunge band…How We Survive is highly recommended…"(Underneathica, USA)

"…This is the excellent album Oasis should have done after What's the Story Morning Glory but didn't…"(Lucid Culture, USA)

"…From rocking opener Coast is Clear to reserved closer Don't Say Goodnight, the whole album has a breezy Californian sound that recalls songs like Hole's Malibu. Melody reigns throughout, with better tracks like She's a Dreamer and These Are The Times sounding like on-form Evan Dando or Dandy Warhols… How We Survive is a lot of fun." (BEAT Mggazine, ,AUS)

"From the outset its obvious Grand Atlantic can pen a pretty good tune. The album rips open with Coast is Clear and its fuzzy guitar driven feel sets up the rest of album nicely… Grand Atlantic sure know how to write songs choc full of guitar driven rock/pop dynamics…" ( AUS)

"… many of the songs also sound terrific, well-written and harboring to-the-point melodies that aim to grab you quick. Grand Atlantic has a sound along the lines of Carolina Liar or O.A.R., masterfully blending driving modern rock riffs with smart pop hooks and spot on harmonies…"(Bill's Music Forum, USA)

"Grand Atlantic's second full-length album is a fairly chock-full plate of pop rock, with big sounds, singalong hooks and catchy melodies… How We Survive is a masterfully crafted record." (Time Off Magazine, AUS)

Grand Atlantic make records the unfashionable way – carefully, thoughtfully, with no regard for fashion, demographics or marketing. They embrace real songwriting and playing despite the often one-dimensional kiddie-fodder that dominates the charts. Live, they're an unstoppable hurricane of passion and intensity, a high-energy powerpop/rock tour-de-force. 2010 should be the year you discover Grand Atlantic, with 'How We Survive' on the radio and in good record stores near you…


Phil Usher – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Morgan Hann – Lead Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Sean Bower – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Mat Von Diehm - Drums

Alien Lane Management - Joe Woolley
PO Box 216, Spring Hill, QLD 4004, Australia
Phone: +61-419-723-542

RECORD LABEL - Australia
Stuart Coupe – Laughing Outlaw Records

BOOKING – Australia/Japan
Dorry Kartabani – Big Tree Artists

Peter Holmstedt - Hemifran

PUBLICITY - Australia
Evan Alexander – Heapsaflash

Janelle Rogers – Green Light Go Publicity

LICENSING - Australia:
Jemma Burns - Mana Music

Isabel Pappani - Undercover Tracks