The Yeti Farmers
The Yeti Farmers Living in dark caves in the hills of Tibet before transplanting to the dirty south of Memphis, we have been influenced by many genres and artists. We are an electric guitar groove machine with one goal: ripping a hole in the space time continuum, using a healthy balance of psychedelic rock and Memphis soul.

The Yeti Farmers are: Matt Kirby - Bass, Brian Overstreet - Guitars, Shredding, Brain Tickling, and Infinite Insanity, Joe Austin - Guitars, Loops, and Sonic Soundscapes, and TANK - Drums, Thumping, and Freight Train Grooves.

Joe and Matt spent many years playing guitar and bass recording three albums and touring nationally in seminal jam band Yamagata, Brian has played screaming space guitar in several Beale Street lineups - most notably Bury the Bone and FreeWorld with whom he recorded four albums and jammed with many blues and rock legends, and TANK has leveled small buildings with odd time signatures and a thunderous foot from behind the kit for many Beale Street blues artists like Preston Shannon.