Shunda K
Shunda K She landed on the NME's “Cool List” in 2008, but 2009 was all hard work and hard play for the hip-hop wonder woman, Lashunda Flowers, professionally known as Shunda K. Hailing from "Itty Bitty" Plant City, Florida and dedicated to "keepin' it movin'" at any cost, Shunda maintains a non-stop pace of collaborations in the studio and on-stage, logging time with producers and lyricists throughout the US and around the globe.

As a quick talking MC, serious songwriter, and ambitious entrepreneur, Shunda has managed all of this through her undeniable ability to entertain and communicate with her audience at the same time. Both overtly spiritual and sexual, her sheer force of will, perseverance and patience are also vital touchstones that have played key roles in her success.

Shunda came to prominence as the down n' dirty, ruff n' ready, Lord and lady-loving original voice of Yo! Majesty (Domino Records) and spent much of 2009 launching a solo career by releasing two EPs with female French DJ Flore in the UK, a dizzying 42 original tracks spread across two mix tapes made available to fans for free download at her website, and recording and performing with like-minded electro superstar, Peaches.

Shunda takes the credit as the most notorious openly gay hip hop artist on the planet and the support of her community and fans has given her a cushion for growth into knowing and becoming more secure with who she is: Gay with so much love for God. “It has been a struggle up to dis point, where honestly, I still wasn’t 100-percent comfortable with myself. I prayed to God. I was mistreating myself and had to do something about it.”

Before her career in music, Shunda was on the road to sports stardom. “Shunda K, all the way” is what the cheerleaders used to chant when Shunda shined on the basketball court. Now the fans just swamp the stage, take it by force, and cheer her on in their own way. Nothing stops Shunda from bringing that enthusiasm out in her fans.

Shunda K believes she has a responsibility to the people. To lead and to minister, but also to always tell the truth. No matter what and with no excuses, Shunda says “I can’t be out here faking it to make it jus because that’s what a muthafucka tell me I gotta do to make it in this industry. Da devil is ah liar!”

And so the hard work continues for Shunda K as, like any true superstar, she's no overnight sensation. To the contrary -- Shunda gets hers through sweat equity -- and that's just what will land her on "hot" lists in 2010 when the release of the first maxi-single from her debut solo album The Most Wanted shows that's exactly what she is.