Proverbial Proverbial is a seven piece Richmond, Virginia based band whose sound is something not easily defined. They combine rock, funk, reggae, and hip-hop along with hints of other genres to create a solid and unique sound. Proverbial band is known for bringing the heat in their heart felt, high energy, get off your ass and move live show. They rev concert goers with big in-your-face rock songs, then chill them out with mellow reggae grooves, only to re-ignite the crowd with catchy, upbeat hip-hop and funk to dance to. Audiences don’t stop moving from beginning to end as the Proverbial band septet keeps the fans guessing at what is coming next. One might even catch a freestyle jam, complete with lyrics, that sounds like a rehearsed song when it is actually being created live. Keep your eyes and ears open as they spread that Proverbial sound!