CW Ayon
CW Ayon If the Black Keys and the White Stripes were to have a desert-borne bastard son, he would sound precisely like C.W. Ayon, a musician with enough old-school mojo to power a roadhouse for a month. It's the way C.W. grew up in small-town rural New Mexico, with a blend of influences sharing a common thread of music from the heart. No sweetness or frilly lace, just hard-hitting songs about love, life, and the blues that make it all stick to the wall. Sometimes, it's okay to just sit back, toss down a shot, and let the blues tear ya up. Keep your hands and arms inside at all times, and please remain seated til the ride comes to a full stop. C.W. is gonna be your personal tour guide as he performs as a One Man Band, playing guitar and singing while also playing a kick drum with his right foot & a snare drum and tambourine with his left, with a little harmonica in there just to round it out.

C.W. has played at the 2009 Silver City Blues Festival, NMSU's Annual Kruxfest, St. Judes Annual benefit for kids in Las Cruces, the Southern New Mexico State Fair, the Whole Enchilada Fiesta, and the third Annual Deep Blues Festival in Minneapolis, MN.