Leslie Helpert
Leslie Helpert Leslie Helpert is an artist with a great curiosity for fireflies and bottom-dwelling phospherescent fish. She falls in love in lightening storms and finds the greatest pertinence in the subtle. She acknowledges seasonal holidays such as "Forget Puritan Etiquette Day", "Long Bath-taking week", "Another-Glorious-Opportunity-to-be-impassioned-by-Mundaneness-day" and "Banana Pudding Month". She also likes to collect umbrellas and walk with an unusual sophistication down the street. She feels like a squiggly ink drawing and loves Raspberry Leaf Tea. Loves Kava. Loves Coca tea from Peru. Loves Bermudian Chai.

At some age while still under the loving guidance of her intelligent forebearers, she was made keen to reality of commerce and survival and set forth on her pilgrimage toward integrating her passion and bank account, in a way where both would perhaps sustain. Therefore, she drives a car which gets 31 miles per gallon on the highway through the country of The United States, as well as flying on airplanes and taking ferries all in the name of arriving with punctuality at multiple venues internationally and nationally in the United States Of America. When arriving at these venues, one can expect Leslie Helpert to repeatedly arrange her instrumental equipment until it is just so and relieve her most beloved guitar from its bullet proof case to then begin to explore the sonic environment offered by the venue therein. She thinks of herself kind of as an exterminator, except she doesn't bring in tanks of chemical toxicity nor necessarily kill anything but she does feel like an investigator, and experimentalist and, on most robust days of the month, a vigilante. People who are so-called "really in the industry of music" seem to insist that Leslie Helpert should express her history in the form of a biography that would then be accessible to the public in a simple way. However, Leslie Helpert Serpentfly so obsessively adores her own wrestling with words and taxonomies, mnemonic devices and lingual pandemonia that she has yet to find a so-called publicist that would like to take over the work of describing her with words non-descript enough for her own liking. Therefore, in the rest of this biography, Helpert will give you Bullets of Facts about Her work- However, to let you know the simple truth, Helpert would rather avoid Bullets, and also: she would rather Dance from this page you are now reading and she hopes it might rain because she likes to paint with watercolors fresh from the sky while breakfasting on oats and rainwater. *Leslie Helpert performs on average 150 shows per year based out of Athens,GA. She has been playing guitar for 16 years and composing music that is influenced by literature, yoga, nutrition, and men who drive low riders with their seat way back. She currently listens to Crickets and one pending mosquito by her right ear. Helpert, who is called Serpentfly by many and most, has played for sold out audiences in large theaters and teeny audiences in far away places. Her third CD, her first long-time-in-studio recording with a Big Full Band was released in Jan. 2005.