Antwerp's Placebo
Antwerp's Placebo Antwerp's Placebo is a rare combination of Bay Area Grateful Dead band veterans who emphasis is improvisation leveraging off the many years of music played by the Grateful Dead. It is not so much the notes played, but what is done with those notes that helps differentiate this band from other GD type bands. It is a real respect for the genuine approach of interacting with each other as a small group improv ensemble that aids the band's innate ability to capture the magic in the moment in an effort to describe the indescribable.

"Placebo" is Latin for "I shall please."

--------------- Lance Case: guitar, vocals (Open Space Project, Foolish Hearts)
Duane Day: bass, vocals (Jerry's Kids)
James Miller: keys, vocals (Workingman's Ed, Dead Guise, Live Dead)
Ben Schroeter: drums (Stan Murdock, Carlosity, Jerry's Kids)
Phil_Coulson: guitar, vocals (Cryptical, Jerry's Kids, Foolish Hearts)

Members of this band individually have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with such notable musicians as Phil Lesh, Vince Welnick, Merl Saunders, John Cippolina, Steve Kimock, Henry Kaiser,and more.