Delta Nove
Delta Nove Picture this: You find yourself surrounded in darkness. With no clue as to your location, you realize only that you are engulfed in the heat of a sea of sweaty bodies grooving together. As you begin to move your feet to the beat, the driving rhythms of the drums lead you to quickly conclude that you’re at Carnival in Brazil. Moments later, however, a funky synth bass and rhythm guitar start to lay down a groove saturated in the filthiest funk, and you speculate that perhaps you’ve been transported back in time to an underground funk club. Just then a red-hot horn section enters, and you are now completely befuddled. Are you marching at Mardi Gras in New Orleans? Are you partying in Rio? Are you dancing on the coast of California, or perhaps Jamaica? As the lights begin to slowly illuminate the stage before you, it all starts to make sense. You are right smack in the middle of the funkiest dance party in town.

You are at the Delta Nove show! Delta Nove’s sound borrows from cultures around the globe, including but not limited to: American funk and rock, Caribbean calypso and reggae, and Brazilian samba drumming. This unique blend of drums, guitars, horns, and electronic colors calls to mind the grooves of Parliament Funkadelic, the horns of Earth Wind and Fire, the diversity of Manu Chao, and the psychedelic improvisation of the Grateful Dead. Delta Nove creates a fresh experience each time; Set lists never repeat, and shows often include surprise guest appearances. This has contributed winning “Best Live Act” for two consecutive years at the Orange County Music Awards and being listed as a “Top Ten Band to See” by Jambase. Additionally, Delta Nove has been on countless national tours and festivals, performing with the likes of, Ozomatli, String Cheese Incident, Burning Spear, Poncho Sanchez, Dr. John, Michael Franti and Spearhead, The Funky Meters, and more.

Delta Nove has maintained an exhaustive touring schedule, adding significantly to their already-impressive resume. With over a decade of experience on the road, the veteran band performs at a level only seasoned road-warriors can achieve, and has garnered a strong reputation with audiences from coast to coast as one of the hardest-working and tightest bands on the independent music scene. Beyond simply creating music, Delta Nove has made it a priority to give back to the community, performing at social benefits, community events, universities, and public schools. As the band keeps doing what they love to do, they continue their pursuit of positive, uplifting music, giving back to the community, and staying fresh and creative.