Hole Hole was a Grammy-nominated American alternative rock band that formed in Los Angeles in 1989 and disbanded in 2002. The band was fronted by vocalist/rhythm guitarist Courtney Love, who co-founded Hole with songwriter/lead guitarist Eric Erlandson. Hole achieved moderate commercial success. Their second album, Live Through This, was critically acclaimed and regarded as one of the greatest albums of the 1990s, as well as their most notable work.

Hole's style of alternative rock was initially influenced heavily by punk rock, no wave and noise rock, though as they progressed they began to incorporate elements of grunge and pop rock into their sound. Hole were reported to have been reforming in 2009, however, due to a contract signed in 2002 by Love and Erlandson, no reunion can take place without mutual involvement. An acrimonious argument between Love and Erlandson about the use of the name has been reported.