American Beauty w/ Rob Eaton of Dark Star Orchestra
American Beauty w/ Rob Eaton of Dark Star Orchestra Colorado's premiere Grateful Dead tribute band (formerly Rocky Mountain Grateful Dead Revue) includes Rob Eaton of Dark Star Orchestra (rhythm guitar and vocals), Dave Kochmann (lead guitar and vocals), Jim Allard (bass and vocals), Stef Briggs (keyboards and vocals), and Andy Sweetser (drums).

The band proudly features "Legendary Dead Shows" at select venues. These are performances of shows rated "legendary" by the legions of Deadheads.

These featured shows are much more than a mere rundown of the song list from a given show. The band pays meticulous attention to the details of each show that make it special, such as the style in which each song was actually performed by the Grateful Dead at that show, the format of the vocals and solos, the flavor of the transitional jams between songs, the style and length of the instrumental jams, etc. In other words, it's as close as you'll get to being at the actual show!

The date and location of each featured show is always announced up front, so you know what you're getting! And your requests for particular shows are closely considered for future dates.

"One long party from start to end!..." All aboard!