The Forensics
The Forensics The Forensics (4NZX) are a 3 Piece Electronica Guitar Band. Experimental grooves run through digital technology dropping unique science in your ear.

The Forensics as a band, formed in January of 2009. An accidental union of old friends which turned out to be the perfect ingredients for "The Electronic Pursuasion" (a nickname for their sound). They're best described as an Electronica Jam Band. A unique vibe which turns ordinary people into dancefloor dwellers craving MORE like junkies!!

Patchogue (P-Town), NY out in the suburbs of Long Island has been the Epicenter of their humble beginnings. A fan base quickly formed as the same faces started following them around the county. In a single season the Forensics(4NZX) had naturally achieved through their music what some bands strive for but rarely come close too...a following.

Since their recent start, the fan base has grown & grown...the future is coming fast & as the set list gets longer and the tracks get tighter, the Forensics will surely be playing larger & larger venues. Don't miss it or it's gonna punch you right in the face.

Band Members:

Tom Gronentha
Lead Guitar - Rhythm Guitar

Andy Sansone
Bass Guitar

Nick Danger