Dorian Vibe
Dorian Vibe Dorian Vibe is an intense dance-rock jamband. Through a strong repertoire of original songs and choice covers, they infuse infectious dance grooves with rock roots to create a new twist on old school jamming.

Immersed in the jam rich community of Denver, Colorado, Dorian Vibe is beginning to make their name heard. By layering strong and unique songwriting with textural vocal harmonies they have developed a fresh and compelling sound that is often described as intense jam-pop.

Brought together from different regions across the country, the four members have found their home and individual expression in Colorado. Each member brings experience, musical education, and a catalog of original tunes to the band. They know what it takes to put on a great show and everyone's influences and talent are meshed together into a cohesive unit. With the addition of their interpretation of select and memorable covers, Dorian Vibe ebbs and flows with well constructed and differing setlists all designed to get you out of your seat and onto the dance floor.

With the drive and determination to prove their worth in this jamband heavy region, Dorian Vibe is striving to push their musical boundaries to a level beyond the rest!