Wooster In 2006 solo guitarist/songwriter Brian Gallagher walked into the studio with a notebook full of songs and the dream of creating his first record. He walked out 3 years later with a new band and their debut album THE HEIGHTS OF THINGS.

With a diverse collage of blues, soul, rock, funk, and reggae, Wooster's sound is, above all else, a passionate display of love for the groove.

This love resonates throughout THE HEIGHTS OF THINGS, from the soul drenched "New York", to reggae influenced "Froghouse" and funk laden "Love is All I Need" featuring Jerry Martin from Sly and the Family Stone on sax. Chant inducing, crowd favorite "Ooh Girl" recounts the familiar scene of trying to find that special someone at the end of the night.

While Gallagher's vocal delivery is impassioned and raw, the young and beautiful Caroline possesses a remarkable gift for melody that, when combined with the richness of her tone, creates only the most eloquent of harmonies.

Hailing from his roots in local hip hop and rock group, Epicure, lead guitarist Zack Donahue picks his riffs and spanks his skanks with all the force of a hundred watt Marshall stack. A professional instructor by day, guitar and bassist Bobby Hansen's technical prowess and inventiveness on his instruments are a matter of interplanetary exploration. He drinks the same milk as Bootsy Collins, and take's his responsibility as 'keeper of the funk' as a professional and lifelong obligation. The son of a music teacher, drummer Nate Fredrick started his professional music career before he started shaving, and continues to impress as a musical and mechanical MaGgyver. Broken down van? Busted Amp? In search of a new song part? Find him a spork, a snap bracelet, and a pair of drumsticks and you're right back on the road.

Wooster's rhythm section is a who's who of Santa Cruz musical talent. With his heart and his sleeve, and his horn at his lips, Dustin Hengl's trumpet performances are those of a man possessed. Having shared the stage with such legendary performers as Willie Nelson, Jack Johnson, and the Parliament Funkadelic posse, Dustin's stage presence shines with confidence and charisma for good reason. He's paid his dues and now he's out to have some fun. Trained by the best at the Berklee school of music, Gianni Staiano has committed himself to mastering the Hammond organ as both a performer and recording artist. If it was recorded in the greater Santa Cruz area, odds are Gianni is on it and he probably made it look easy.

Described as "One of Santa Cruz' liveliest local acts", Wooster prides themselves on creating the best live show possible. Each time the band plays is a celebration and the crowd is there to party.