9 Mile Roots
9 Mile Roots Nine Mile Roots is a seven piece Reggae/Ska/Rock band hailing from the greater Baltimore, Maryland area. With all seven members of the band coming from diverse backgrounds, each bringing an assortment of styles and influences along with them, the music produced has a strong reggae vibe with a cool bouncy flow and a bit of a rock edge; combining catchy melodies with strong riffs and a funky overtone, constantly striving to find that delicate blend of reggae and rock where the music just floats on it's own.

From growing within the Baltimore music scene, 9 Mile Roots has acquired great appreciation for their fans and their live shows and is always up for playing the clubs, the dock bars, the festivals, the dive bars, and even the private party, or anywhere groovin' live music is needed.

Be sure to swing by www.9mileroots.com for tunes, merch, and further updates !