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The Prime Get Flash now! In order to listen or view this content you will have to upgrade your version of Flash. Prime's Latest Blog Entry [Subscribe to this Blog] PRIMES PICKS! Lupe, Agallah, Termanology, Roots, Outer Space! READ ON! (view more) distro! (view more) Words for entertainers...dope shit (view more) [View All Blog Entries] About Prime .. Hey. This is your friendly neighborhood emcee Prime! AND I GOT A SONG ON MY NEW ALBUM WITH KRS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Prime Que B.I.L.L.A.H feat. KRS ONE Promo Its difficult to really peg Chicago's Hip Hop sound. Its is most noted recently for its soulful approach spearheaded by Kanye West. Prior to that the Twista style was what Chicago was famous for. The Chicago Underground is a mix of true school advocates and avant garde artists. All of these sounds are part of the eclectic mix that defines the city, past its segregated neighborhoods, past its Northside, Southside, and Westside split. The South has been known for its "fresh" approach, the Polo kids who grew up bboying and following the traditional hip hop aesthetics, as well as the street gangsters and hustlers that comprise the region. The West side is also known for the hustlers, and gangbangers, as well as the true ghetto of the city, the Do Or Dies, Crucial Conflicts, and Twistas hail from the West and have given it its signature approach and sound. The Northside is known most for its backpackers and hoodie-and-timbs crowd. There hasn't been an artist to really represent artist who has experience their life and struggle and been able to successfully translate that on record.....until now. Born Dre Vasquez, Prime is an artist who hopes to really bring the hip hop culture and artform back into the spotlight. An avid fan of the music and active participant, Prime has battled, performed, hustled and struggled to make a name for himself in a city where the hardest thing to do is gain support. Starting in the cypher/street battle circuit, Prime battled any and everyone who ever approached him, developing a notoriety for his brutal approach and cockiness. A day without a battle was a rarity and these battles helped him to mold his delivery and presence. It also helped him become separated from the other artists in the city. Prime was resented for his treatment of opponents and his arrogant demeanor. Prime chose to step away from street battles and work more on his craft....but opportunities presented themselves that kept him from really developing as a songwriter. A New York trip proved to be fateful when he was offered a spot in the 2000 HBO Blaze Battle Championships and MTVs DFX Battle in the same week. Prime, though not coming out victorious due to questionable circumstances, got his name up and established relationships with people who would help him grow as an artist. Another battle, the Scribble Jam Emcee Battle, would cement his place in the underground as a ferocious battler. It also allowed him the opportunity to perform in various places across the country with artists such as Gangstarr, Common, Pharoahe Monch, 50 Cent,Wu Tang, Boot Camp Click, Mobb Deep, Atmosphere, Kweli, Brother Ali, Jedi Mind Tricks, Cage, C Rayz Walz, Natural Elements, J- Live, and others, all before he was old enough to drink. He also developed relationships with people who would help him as he grew to be a more established songwriter. Putting out a single with Slug from the group Atmosphere and appearing on various releases thru the New York Indie Label, Fat Beats, as well as his constant drive to stay in the spotlight kept him in peoples faces. After going thru life struggles, Prime is now ready to release his album, to put his life on record. Getting production from SC, Manos, Akt One, Panik, and more is now his time to shine. Keep your eyes on Chicago...there's a new talent emerging. Dont be scurred!