Peck the Town Crier
Peck the Town Crier Peck the Town Crier is a musician and performance artist who divides his time between the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City.

His output includes albums (“Groundhog’s Day”), video (“Underwear”) and live performance art.

After a 5 year stint in New York, studying Jazz and radical politics, Peck returned to the SF Bay, and honed his skills as an MC and performer.

Peck’s last full-length, Groundhog’s Day was gestated on the street. “I wrote all those raps on Thursday nights, at the corner of 16th & Mission,” Peck explains, “it’s cultural chaos, with poets, break dancers, homeless folks speaking their piece. There’s no microphone, and it’s hard to grab people’s attention. All of that album was forged in those fires.”

Peck’s music has appeared on, Current TV and on several Wall Street Journal shorts. “Underwear”, the lead single from Groundhog’s Day, is getting regular spins on Kpfa, Pirate cat radio, Kide, Kkup, Kcsb, Kalx, Kzsu. Other recent projects by Peck include Le Chronique, a free download album. It can be had at

This summer, Peck will release Home Phone, his first EP. He will also contribute two songs to Reach For the Sky, a Sky Saxon Tribute on GRA records.