Jim Drew
Jim Drew

Some Recognition

As a result of his work, Jim has garnered the attention of the entertainment industry in ways such as Incubator Creative Group here in the states, and then Crossrhythms and UCB in the UK. Recently he has been approached by folks like Randy Stonehill to produce a project with Jim. Incubator Creative Group is Jim's management company and has been working with him on artist development material. Jim just finished some key management reports and is looking at starting some extensive booking within a few months with a full layout of media material to support the push.


Jim's love and creativity with music has also attracted Artists to hire him as a producer. These New Artists are found both in Nashville and Hometown USA, Rochester, NY and he is being contacted through His publisher about other oportunities to produce new artists visiting Nashville.

Some History & Plans

To his own credit, Jim has 7 solo albums as well as an eighth recording where he is one of several lead singers who shared the stage in a band called GForce, a very popular northeast states band for many years. The discography is growing as we speak with this ninth CD, Escape Velocity, with Humble Soul and he is already working on his next project and then the project to be defined with Randy Stonehill. Jim has a wealth of writing on the books and tape samples for future projects, (not counting what is written in the meantime).

Jim's work has been requested to be included on numorous compilations and he recently recorded a cover tune entitled, "Will The Circle Be Unbroken." He was commissioned to create the song in his own style and it was very well received. Folks were excited to hear the new feel, which once was highlighted by a more countryesque/rootsy tone of the lyrics. Now it has a rich, soulful, Acoustic rock with a Bues feel element. ..

The Songs & Music

Jim’s solo performances and the shows with his band, Humble Soul, are Eclectic using varied styles and yet have the cohesiveness and punctuation of a writer with his own personal craft. These songs will keep you intrigued, and the enticing ebb and flow will carry you into the moment.

Jim gives much credit to the influences around him and the encouragement he has received from so many including Lou Gram of Foreigner fame.

"I do want to take a moment to thank Lou for taking me under his wing as a writer and giving me some awesome cues and clues for bits of the tunes he coached me on. We all truly need each other to grow and his heart and input really helped these songs come to life for me as a singer! Something good was there that he recognized but he has a knack for finding those little things that make it all the stronger"

As you listen and see Jim with his guitar and vocal or with the band performing you will hear Humble Soul dabble in the blues while adding a hint of other influences to their music, but the heart of it is a Classic feel of acoustic Rock.

With that combination of acoustic and electric blends, Jim's main grooves are earthy with an edge reminiscent of Doobie Brothers, Eagles, America, Rick Elias, and Randy Stonehill. The styles that best represent Jim Drew & Humble Soul are bolstered by some hints of Progressive Rock flavors stemming from groups like Rush, Yes, and Kansas, while not losing their compelling and addictive rhythms of the heart.

Why Do This Music and Why Come To A Show?

"Our concerts are about the audience. If it was about us we might as well stay in the garage and play to the walls. This music is for all of us, and especially for those who come, ready to be alive for a while. This is about making moments that bring a smile or allow thoughtfulness. We absolutely love the folks that come to our shows as they are the best part of doing this thing called music."