The Ugly Jamesons
The Ugly Jamesons The Ugly Jamesons are a 6 piece high energy Celtic Rock Band. They play ‘amped’ up traditional songs and cover Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, Jubilee Riots (formerly Enter The Haggis), Seven Nations, Young Dubliners, etc.

In 2007, the Jamesons began working to prove the theory of the harmony contained in drinking 3 pints. As we are sure you know, this “3 Pint Harmony” theory states that after consuming 3 perfect pints, you will achieve perfect harmony with the universe. The challenge of course was to find 3 perfect pints. The Jamesons thought they did, and each and every one of them consumed 3 “perfect” pints. Unfortunately they were almost perfect. Each one was just slightly off. The unforeseen result of consuming these imperfect pints was horrifying. Each of the Jamesons bodies, faces and minds were twisted into an ugly state. They became known throughout the land as “The Ugly Jamesons”. They banded together, literally, and in their twisted mental states infused traditional Celtic music with some of the hardest rocking around and brought this insane music to the masses.

Over time the physical effects of these imperfect pints wore off and they all reverted back to their original looks. Most of them anyway (have you seen the drummer?). But it was too late. The name stuck. With their minds still twisted from the “3 Pint Harmony” effects, they continue to bring their brand of hard rocking Celtic music to, well, pretty much anyone who will listen. Of course we could just be referring to the ugly side of drinking too much Jamesons!