The Fortunate Few
The Fortunate Few Here we have a bunch of musicians that actually enjoy each others company only second to whipping the audience into a dancing frenetic frenzy. Mike Strauch, lead singer and Band leader of the FF, is kind of a "throwback" when it comes to his "Country". Mike would much rather talk about Hank Williams, Merle Haggard, Webb Pierce, Lefty Frizell, Rose Maddox or just about any other Honky Tonker from that era than the smooth like Rock sounds of todays "country" stars. He also wouldn’t mind talking about the Cramps… whoa, what? The Cramps? The Punk, Psychobilly band? He also states Fear and the UK Ska band The Selector are some of his all time faves?? Well now, these don’t sound like old dusty C&W bands do they? Nope, and that’s what adds the little "edge" to the Honky Tonk Stylings of the Fortunate Few, Lots of the varied influences of the band members create a very cool "warmth" to the traditional sounds of the old Honky Tonk standbys and the revved up Rockabilly rave ups and even the Blues... "Its really nothing new to Us" says Strauch, "Real Punk Rock has understood this "C&W" connection for years".. "Punk has always understood reality based simple songs that are shorter than 3 minutes in duration, it just works.". This is no "retro" band coping a feel of yesterday, this is a full on celebration of good old American Music!