FiKus A five-piece band from Nothern New Jersey, FiKus combines many different styles of music and a wide range of influences to form what has been referred to as a sort of "electro-fuckadelic hip-rock". Without a definitive genre to call home, these adjectives are rooted in the different elements of what creates the sounds of FiKus; "electro" referring to the synthesizers, electronic drums, and stacks of effects pedals that smear the sounds waves with analog warmth and a digital dose; "funkadelic" referring to horns and percussion that supply the funky swagger for the party; and "hip-rock" referring to the progressive and edgy, in your face attitude that booms off the stage and out of the speakers. From song to song, FiKus demonstrates any number of these elements, or all at once, as they continue to keep their listeners on their feet, in both a literal and figurative sense.

FiKus is generally recognized for the energetic nature of their live show, but have added a comparable studio effort with the release of Mover Shaker EP at the end of 2010. For the first time since the band begun six years ago, FiKus was finally able to capture their raw energy on a studio recording while demonstrating their musical ambition and diversity within the five tracks included on the EP. "Jim Jones" introduces Mover Shaker EP with distorted vocals singing lyrics from the famed cult-leader's perspective, over a heavy funk groove that builds tension into a violent explosion at the song's climax. "Michael Phelps", perhaps the band's most popular tune, is a 7-minute pop song that pays tribute to the Olympic hero through catchy keyboard phrases, a dance beat, and one single triumphant lyric. Flipping a pop song on its head, the next track, "In Your Ear", is where the band's edge shines through with an unmistakably psychedelic heavy-rock song consisting of a schizophrenic-like chorus carried by dirty bass and large drums. "Puddin" is in itself a journey through musical spectrums as it travels from a 70's organ groove into a latin guitar solo, then into a huge dub section without warning. Finally, the EP is completed with "Soapium", which is a melodic rock tune intended to inspire with powerful riffs and purposeful lyrics.

Just as it is essential for any band seeking success, FiKus has maintained a resilient work-ethic to support their ambitions, and continue to progress with every opportunity. Now with a solid year of persistent gigging under their belts, and a brand new EP to stand behind, FiKus is looking to 2011 to reciprocate their efforts and significantly advance them towards their goals. With large dreams and immeasurable potential, the band hopes that soon their achievements will match the expectations they have set for themselves.