Tracy Kash Thomas
Tracy Kash Thomas Tracy Kash Thomas began her musical life as a classical musician. Armed with a Bachelors degree from University of North Texas a veritable jazz factory producing musicians such as Lou Marini and Stefan Karlsson - and a Master's degree from the venerable Boston Conservatory, Tracy is an accomplished flutist. Add her impeccable songwriting, arranging and production talents to the mix and it is easy to see why she is an established musicians musician in her native Detroit, where she currently lives, as well as in her previous hometown, New York City. Her unique brand of jazz and jazz-influenced rock/pop, thrills live audiences as well as her growing radio following. Tracy won the 2009 Detroit Music Award for Outstanding Jazz Vocalist and has been nominated for numerous other including for Outstanding Jazz Composer, R&B Composer, and Modern Jazz Band, and in 2007 for Best Jazz Album for her release, There and Back Again. Her original tune Wading in Waiting was awarded Honorable Mention in the 2004 Metro Detroit Songwriting Contest. Ian Anderson, of Jethro Tull fame, enamored of her classical bent and rock sensibility, invited her on stage as a guest flutist at his 2003 State Theater concert. Tracy was a featured performer on the Oxygen networks National Tank Tour in New York City. Her song entitled "Home" can be heard on the CD ROM, which accompanies The Complete Idiot's Guide to MP3. Her extensive media exposure in New York and Detroit, includes the nationally broadcast Mitch Albom Show, and she has done considerable radio and television jingle work nationwide. Tracy can be heard on the 1999 release of gravelly popular NYC great, Alan Andrews, entitled Cleaned and Pressed. Her discography appears below:

Some Strong Potion,2000.

There and Back Again, 2006

Sound Truth, 2010

"In this age of voices made 'pretty' with lots of sound effects and machinery, Tracy Kash stands out as "real". Lush vocals, intriguing lyrics, and a jazzy beat, Kash is one to be listened to as a true talent." ----Karen E. Reynolds, Writer's Block, WDVX, Clinton, TN

"Tracy Kash honestly has one of the most fantastic voices I've heard in a long time. The songwriting is first class...indie stuff at its finest." ----Jodi Krangle, Muses Muse