Deep Machine
Deep Machine Deep Machine is breaking musical ground with their blend of rock and electronic fusion. Their combination of melodic guitar riffs and driving synth countermelodies infused with groovy alien time signatures has been pushing new boundaries since late 2008. In that short amount of time, Deep Machine has become tight and well greased, while honing their live show into an incredible concert experience that is sure to stay with you.

Deep Machine is a four-piece, experimental rock outfit instilled with electronic undertones. Formed during college at MTSU in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, the band began getting attention within just a few short months after their conception. The group has already shared the stage with plenty of up-and-coming national and regional bands such as Future Rock, Prep School, Zoogma, Noise Organization and EP3, and has been booked at such music festivals as Dexfest, Red Gorilla, Muddy River and Boombutywah.

With their first full-length release currently in the works and a full summer tour schedule, Deep Machine is developing quickly on their way up. Boasting their captivating live show that has already left audiences around the country stunned, Deep Machine will be coming to your town soon - don’t miss it.