Jessica 6
Jessica 6 We've been hearing about this project for a minute now, though initially it was called Deep Red. It has since morphed into Jessica 6, which if Google serves us right is the name of a character in the futuristic, hyper-sexed 1976 Michael Anderson movie Logan's Run. Jessica 6 The Band is Nomi Ruiz–downtown figure and inimitable singer for Hercules & Love Affair–partnered with her Hercules bandmates Andrew Raposo (bass) and Morgan Wiley (keyboards), both formerly of the oft-overlooked, DFA-produced hip-hop band Automato. "Fun Girl" is their first single, a familiar step into vogue-y house and disco territory with the addition of some marching guitars, a totally unexpected and welcome surprise. The track is out now as a 7" on Midnight Sun Sound (but it at Boomkat), and in addition we've got a remix from Berlin's Keinemusik, who adds extended vibraphone loops and generally makes things sound more cacophonous and awesome.