Elkheart Elkheart was simply just drunken banter between two best friends for almost three years. Finally in the Summer of 2005 Brent Windler (Trelese, John Nash, The Sons of Great Dane), and Tim Gutschenritter (National Fire Theory, The Blood Rats) solidified their dreams of making and performing music side by side when Tim relocated to Independence, Missouri from Kansas City, Kansas which was closer to Brent and easier to get together and actually compose songs. Armed with whisky, busted hearts and acoustic guitars these fine young men spent three months worth of drunken nights writing and structuring songs that by far exceded any expectations they had. Knowing that the songs had life they headed in to record an acoustic demo. After a few weeks of circulating the demo to friends with a well recieved response, they knew it was time to seek other musicians to form an actual band that Brent properly tagged..ELKHEART. Early on in 2007 the boys recruited Dutch (The Hymen, The Damn You Alls, The Blood Rats). Last and certainly not least...welcome EvanJohn (John Nash, Cruxed, Vulture, Lauren Ashley and the Prarie Grass) in to the mix and what you're left with is a hangover and a sore ass!! Come to a show and stay for the party. Seriously...do it!!