Planet Booty
Planet Booty Germart is the launching pad for the artistic endeavors of brothers Dylan, Ryan, and Nathan Germick. Having grown up on the fringe of suburban Northwest Indiana, in a household rich in laughter and absurdity, but lacking in material things (like a fully functional bathroom), creativity evolved as their primary means of entertainment, confrontation, and communication. These dynamics are still at the core of Germart, simultaneously pushing the brothers to make increasingly personal and ridiculous works.

Planet Booty, their latest major musical venture, is their first attempt to unify Dylan's soulful theatrics and instinctual funkiness with Nathan's epic and introspective production. The results are an ambitious amalgamation of sci-fi synths, booty bass, tribal rhythms, and psychedelic soul.

The Planet Booty live show brings all of these diverse elements to stage, resulting in high caliber and adventurous entertainment. With Dylan as the captivating front man (simultaneously channeling James Brown and your high school gym teacher) and Nathan as the mad scientist behind a tangled mass of keyboards and beat-making gizmos-- the ass shaking potential of Planet Booty is fully realized. Supporting the brothers is an all-star cast of characters including Rob Gwin (bass guitar, junkyard percussion), Tom Lattanand (guitars), and Josh Cantero (vocals, marimba). With their potent combination of dance party energy, dramatic theatrics, and sonic adventurousness, Germart is guaranteed to surprise and entertain.