Strawberry Flats
Strawberry Flats Strawberry Flats was created by Wade Hester in 1985 who traded off lead vocals and lead guitar with John. The band took an 11 year hiatus between gigs until the last two or three years. Wade's busy professional schedule made picking up gigs with the Flats impossible. All members are the original members minus Wade. The Flats came together during Landsharks recording session making the connection of Wade, John, Scott, Tim, and Deane. As a point of interest, in addition to Wade Hester and Scott Sanders, the Landsharks included Paul "Crumpy" Edwards and Cal Hale. Paul has been working for Widespread Panic for years.

John Keane; lead vocals, lead guitar
Scott Sanders; bass, vocals
Tim White; keyboards
Dean Quinter; drums

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