Coyote Love
Coyote Love If the Stone Temple Pilots and Beck adopted the child of Sly and the Family Stone and My Morning Jacket then let Lenny Kravitz babysit…you might see something like Coyote Love. 70's vibe but very original and very New York.

The core live ensemble consists of singer Hank Wagner, bassist Darren Lipper (Willie Colon, Shawn Pelton, Kokolo), multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Rachel Grundy, alto sax player Sergio Bustemente and powerhouse guitarist Sean Pace. Both live and on the recordings the core drummers are Tommy Kaelin (Gent Treadly), Luke Notary (Lucia Micarelli, Jihae, The Mimetics, Hernan Romero) and powerhouse Bonham disciple, Gideon (The Drop Band, Inverse, Jazz greats George Coleman and Jamil Nasir). Other musicians on the project include bassists Andrei Sebastian (Michael Louis Trio, Brooke Lundy, Heavenly Jams Band) and Arnold Gottlieb. The project also boasts the guitar talents of Tzvi Skolnik, Atom Fellows ('io'), and Edward Mckenna.