Didgy Slacker
Didgy Slacker A thriving force in the Chicago music scene, Producer/MC/Entrepreneur, Bobby McGivney aka Didgy Slacker, delivers a smorgasbord of hip-hop, glitch, and psychedelic-reggae-funk unlike anything of its kind. With influences ranging from De La Soul, Bassnectar, Eminem, Spearhead, J Dilla, Parliament, and The Beatles, you never know what to expect from a Slacker performance. Although known as the Didgy Slacker, this cat hustles the scene, constantly creating, producing, and brainstorming innovative methods to deliver what this City needs. Didgy has already shared the stage with acts as The New Deal, Conspirator, VibeSquad, Savoy, Vaski, PrepSchool, Strange Arrangement, The Coop, Raoul Duke, and plenty more…as well as rocked festivals like Wuhnurth 2011, Chicago Winter Peace Fest 2011, Pandamonium Fest 2011, Bass Drop 2011, Duck Fest 2010, Funk You 2010, and more. Didgy Slacker proves to deliver what the crowd wants: thumping bass, clever wordplay, and an overall positive vibe which spreads in all directions.