Derek Stroker
Derek Stroker What is important in today's music scene: originality, creativity, a soulful approach? Perhaps it is a little of all these things. As the great blues guitarist Hubert Sumlin once said, music is a thing from the heart and soul. One listen to Derek Stroker's music, and you will realize how similar this young artist views are to an older Sumlin. Singer/songwriter Derek Stroker will capture your imagination with his heartfelt lyrics and dynamic composition. He draws inspiration from the expressive nature of both today's music, as well as music from the 60's and 70's. As a BMI certified songwriter he has penned over 60 copy-written songs, and has independently produced his 'Acoustic EP' and the newest album 'Take a Picture, Make a Promise...' As a songwriter, his tunes have been compared to musicians such as John Mayer, Marc Broussard, and Dave Barnes. As an artist, his style parallels legends such as Eric Clapton and John Lennon. His goal is not to become rich or famous, it is to create timeless music that anyone can relate to. His musical tastes run the full range from blues to rock, and everything in between. Derek is a graduate of the Music Production Technology program of Valencia College in Orlando. He has a deep understanding of both the technical aspects of the music industry, as well as the artistic side. Born in Miami, Florida in 1985, Derek has played his songs, solo acoustic and with various groups in Florida. Starting out as a drummer, he quickly switched his interests to guitar, bass and piano. His multi-talented efforts are displayed on his latest album. With aspirations to create a new way of thinking in the music industry, we must close our eyes and open our ears.