• Say What You Mean
    Say What You Mean
    "Say What You Mean" compresses the diversity of Maktub's first two releases, "Subtle Ways" and "Khronos", into an exhilarating, high-impact style. Locked into a taut groove behind singer Reggie Watts, known throughout the Northwest for his passionate vocals, riveting presence, live onstage sampling, and spectacular afro, the band digs down to its essence and comes up with a sound that's original yet accessible to the widest range of listeners.
  • Khronos
    Equally rooted in '70s soul and West Coast hipster rock, Maktub's skillful layers of groovy keyboards, drums, bass, and guitars result in tasty concoctions that are at once wholly original and appealingly familiar. Imaginative embellishments from a modified 1950s telephone mic (a.k.a. the "Regg-a-phone"), a guitar talkbox, synthesizers, and samples give the multifarious 11-song playlist novelty, although you'll hear everyone from Al Green and Robert Plant to Jamiroquai and Chris Cornell throughout.